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Hürzeler / Zuhr Master Class 5: Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Munich, Germany
March 5th - 7th 2020
Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler, Dr. Otto Zuhr


- Oral soft-tissue esthetics – criteria and guidelines

- Soft tissue grafting – autografts and substitute biomaterials

- Gingival recession management

Reconstructing soft-tissue defects in the esthetic zone is highly challenging for any clinician. For many years, the scientific and clinical development of suitable surgical techniques was measured in terms of achieving the best quantitative results possible. In the current view, however, it is impossible to obtain successful treatment outcomes if the best defect augmentation possible does not go hand-in-hand with good qualitative results in terms of color, surface texture and scar tissue. Therefore, even small shortcomings of the surgical procedure could lead to problems that can hardly be corrected later in many cases.

During these three days of training, course participants will further develop surgical skills learned in the previous modules. Theoretical and practical aspects of gingival recession management comprise the main course contents. Clinical experience in this field dates back several decades and is substantiated by an excellent base of scientific evidence. The previous training courses have given you the surgical skills and knowledge of biological principles underlying the treatment of gingival recession needed to ensure that you have a solid basis for performing more sophisticated techniques of soft-tissue reconstruction around teeth, implants and pontics presented in the more advanced modules.

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