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Code of Conduct

Trust is our most valuable asset

The values for which Geistlich stands are based on the principle of trust. Since its foundation, the Swiss family-owned company has aligned its business practices toward this principle. Our values, along with the guiding principles formulated in the Code of Conduct, serve as a compass for all our activities and are both an obligation and a spur to bring our daily work into line with this code. Compliance with these principles is also expected from the third parties working together with Geistlich.

Geistlich's fundamental ethical stance encompasses compliance with the applicable regulations and laws. We respect human rights and the environment, treat our fellow human beings with respect while safeguarding their dignity and integrity. We are committed to the high quality and safety of our products and strive to promote education, research and science. In addition, we attach importance to fair competition and respect property rights.

Our actions, mindset and behavior are essential in protecting our employees, our company, our customers, patients, the general public, and the environment.

Code of Conduct (EN)